Hair Weaving

Hair Weaving is a safe,non surgical way to cover baldness.In this technique,the person's bald area and his hair type are assesed by technicians from Mumbai. Then a suitable hair patch is made using imported materials and sterlised human hair closely ressembling that of the recipient.This patch is then weaved with the persons original hair.

The person can comb his hair,shampoo,dye etc.Unlike a wig,this patch is weaved with the original hair and so, the person can even swim,ride motorcycles and bath with it.It look so normal that it is hard to differentiate from a normal hair style.Once in three or four months,as one would go for a hair cut,the person should visit the weaving center, where the technician will attend to the patch.

This technique is absolutely devoid of side effects.Since it involves tying of hair alone,the scalp is not affected.It is totally painless and no medicines are applied on the scalp.

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